Server start

After more than 6 years, we’re back!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the legendary MTA DayZ server – NationZ.
The opening of the server is planned for Saturday, i.e. August 12, 2023, at 20:00 (CET)!

What is NationZ?

NationZ is a MTA (Multi Theft Auto) game server, based on popular DayZ. The action of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality in which there is only one goal – to survive. Explore abandoned, long-disused locations. Complete your inventory, gather supplies and fight with others for vehicles and dominance in the areas of the modified San Andreas map.

How to play?

How to survive?

In-game keyboards

  • W – move forward
  • A – move to the left
  • S – backward movement
  • D – move to the right
  • Q – previous weapon
  • E – next weapon
  • Shift – jump
  • Spacebar – sprint
  • Left mouse button – fire
  • Right mouse button – aim
  • Middle mouse button – pickup/interaction
  • F1 – groups panel
  • F2 – group management panel
  • F4 – private chat
  • F7 – base management panel
  • F11 – map
  • Tab – statistics
  • R – weapon reload
  • T – local chat
  • Y – team chat
  • U – radio chat
  • F – enter vehicle
  • G – group quick marker
  • J – equipment
  • K – engine on/off
  • L – crawling
  • Z – voice chat
  • X – global chat
  • C – crouch
  • , – sit down
  • . – put your hands up

List of the most important changes:

  1. Optimization of resources, scripts, updating obsolete functions.
  2. Development and implementation of a new database system. Below are the basic functionalities:

    1. The player, after purchasing the base on the website, gets permission in the game to create a local model of the base anywhere.
    2. The player can adjust the height of the base (option for uneven terrain).
    3. After placing the base, it goes to the administration team, which verifies the location selected by the player and accepts or rejects the application.
    4. After accepting the application, the base automatically appears in the place selected by the player.
    5. When the application is rejected, the player is again allowed to create a local model of the base in another place.
    6. The active database can be opened and closed from the management panel.
    7. The database owner can add and remove tenants from the management panel.
    8. The database owner can be added to other databases as a locator.
    9. If the base payment deadline expires, access to the base is withdrawn from the owner and tenants.
    10. Unpaid base for the next 7 days will be automatically removed from the server. Players present on the server will receive a message about the abandoned base and its location.

  3. Extending/enlarging/decreasing the database on the My account page in the “Subscriptions” tab.
  4. Automated process of buying VIP account and skins.
  5. Rebuilt zombie script, added intelligent respawn (no “falling zombies” effect), increased sensitivity to motion and noise (e.g. to gunshots), improved synchronization.
  6. Players wearing a set of Ghillie clothes will be spotted by zombies at half the distance.
  7. Full PL/EN translation implemented (website and server). On the server, we select the language before entering, – in the Multi Theft Auto client settings.
  8. Rebuilt script to respawn items on the map. Items now spawn dynamically, not all at once.
  9. Rebuilt vehicle respawn script. Vehicles on the map now respawn randomly based on the number of players online.
  10. Added “Boss zombie” event. Every evening in the evening (randomly) a mutated, stronger version of the zombie appears in the cave below Fort Carson.
  11. Reduced frequency of supply drops.
  12. Bug fixes in group system.
  13. Added creating quick markers under “G” for players in groups.
  14. A dozen or so minor fixes.