DayZ Server


Server start: Saturday, i.e. August 12, 2023, at 20:00 (CET)

Fight with hordes of zombies

After a pandemic apocalypse, the world is overrun by bloodthirsty zombies that turn the survivors into one of them with their bite.

Face the hordes of the undead, eliminate their clusters. You can fight alone, but it’s safer in a group, together with friends!

Collect supplies

You will need supplies to survive in this cruel world. You need to take care of food, water, weapons, preferably melee and firearms, ammunition for them and vehicles that you will be able to move around and explore the world of NationZ.

To store your loot and provisions, you can use tents or a base where you can hide the most valuable items.

Organize expeditions

The world of NationZ can be easily divided into several types of locations: industrial, residential, farms, markets, military facilities and airports. Depending on the type of explored location, you will acquire equipment and vehicles.

In addition, from time to time there will be supply drops that you will have to fight for!


Server start

After more than 6 years, we’re back! We are pleased to announce the launch of the legendary MTA DayZ server


NationZ is a MTA (Multi Theft Auto) game server, based on popular DayZ. The action of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality in which there is only one goal – to survive. Explore abandoned, long-disused locations. Complete your inventory, gather supplies and fight with others for vehicles and dominance in the areas of the modified San Andreas map.


  • W – move forward
  • A – move to the left
  • S – backward movement
  • D – move to the right
  • Q – previous weapon
  • E – next weapon
  • Shift – jump
  • Spacebar – sprint
  • Left mouse button – fire
  • Right mouse button – aim
  • Middle mouse button – pickup/interaction
  • F1 – groups panel
  • F2 – group management panel
  • F4 – private chat
  • F7 – base management panel
  • F11 – map
  • Tab – statistics
  • R – weapon reload
  • T – local chat
  • Y – team chat
  • U – radio chat
  • F – enter vehicle
  • G – group quick marker
  • J – equipment
  • K – engine on/off
  • L – crawling
  • Z – voice chat
  • X – global chat
  • C – crouch
  • B – glue to vehicle
  • , – sit down
  • . – put your hands up
  • /kill – suicide
  • /brake – parking the vehicle in the base
  • /bike – bike spawn (VIP only)
  • /creategroup – create a group
  • /showchat – show/hide chat
  • /skin – change appearance (only for users with purchased skin)